100 Floors Walkthrough Level 61 – 70 Answer Cheats

By | June 20, 2012

This 100 floors puzzle game have more difficulties each time you go to upper levels, so if you need some walkthrough on 100 floors answer cheats you can take a peek below for level 61 – 70

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100 floors guide :

100 floors level 61 answers
You will see a clock, all you need to do is drag and drop 6 white shapes to 4 blocks on top of the clock until they read 1830 like the clock 🙂
which is : I + (F + J) + 3 + (L + 7)

100 floors level 62 answers
Use the knife to cut the red wire
You must tap the right and left arrows until it makes a straight horizontal line on the top of the door

100 floors level 63 answers
Tilt your phone to the left so the stone lays on top of the left red button
Click the squares until they mirror the lights on the ceiling
just click where the black circle is 🙂

100 floors level 64 answers
Spin the eye around in clockwise really fast until the bar on top of the door full with green.

100 floors level 65 answers
Take the ball and place it into the tube on the right
Click your fire stick and then the sprinklers
The water will rise then the door will open

100 floors level 66 answers
Take the stick on the bottom right corner
Use it to take the hook of the wall to the left of the door
Hook the hook on the ring on the door
Drag down the door with the hook

100 floors level 67 answers
Click the flower in the top right to release a floating seed
Then move the bucket to catch the floating seed (you can click the flower again if you missed)
Move the bucket under the tap
Click the faucet to turn on the water and your seed will grow 🙂
Move the bucket into the sunlight, the door will open and your flower will wither / bloomed ?

100 floors level 68 answers
Click and hold the lever to lift the box
Take the square panel underneath the box
Take the stone star to the right
Click and hold the lever again, and place the stone star underneath the box

100 floors level 69 answers
Click the light on the top to make it fall
Click the fish to the right and time it so that it collides with the light, moving the octopus off the drain
Take the knife and cut the weeds off the door

100 floors level 70 answers
Tap the arrows in this order: left, right, left, left, right, left, right, right to bring the alien to the spaceship

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