100 Floors Walkthrough Level 71 – 80 Solution

By | June 14, 2012

100 floors games just released New in Version 1.4 where this update Added 10 new floors ! so We’re up to 80 Floors!

so if you need any solution how to complete 100 Floors level 71 – 80 read the guide below 🙂

the next 10 level also available now : check 100 floors level 81 – 90 walkthrough

100 Floors Level 71 Walkthrough
Look at the bottom three symbols then tap the top squares until they match the opposite symbols.

100 Floors Level 72 Walkthrough
Pull the cars up in this order: yellow, red, blue, green
the order is by the number of sides each thing has. So a circle (yellow) has no sides, therefore it is first. Then triangle (red) because it has 3 sides. And so, make sure they are in an order from first place to last Going from circle to hexagon.

100 Floors Level 73 Walkthrough
Swipe the doors in these directions: right, right, up, left, down, left, down, right, up, right.

100 Floors Level 74 Walkthrough
Tap the triangles of the hexagon until they match these colors (from top clockwise): yellow, blue, light blue, orange, purple, green.

100 Floors Level 75 Walkthrough
Take the little silver weight off the right platform.
Place the three silver weights on the floor on the right platform.
Place the silver weight in your box on the left platform.
Hold your phone upright and the doors will open.

100 Floors Level 76 Walkthrough
Move the boxes around until they outline a square. Place your wooden plate in the middle, puzzle thing 😐

100 Floors Level 77 Walkthrough
Press the button on the floor and the number 7 will appear. Press the green button until it reaches the green light (8th from top clockwise)

100 Floors Level 78 Walkthrough
Tap the 4×3 squares around the question mark until they match these colors :
top row: second square from left to right is blue
middle row: brown, green (question mark), red, white
bottom row: second square from left to right is black

100 Floors Level 79 Walkthrough
Tap the squares on the door until they resemble the pattern below :

100 Floors Level 80 Walkthrough
Use the torch to light the tikis in this order: far right, middle, second from right.
Tap the circle on the floor.
Use the torch to light the tikis in this order: far left, second from left.
Tap the circle on the floor twice.
Light the tikis in this order: far left, middle.
Tap the circle.

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