100 Floors Walkthrough Level 81 – 90 Answers Cheat

By | June 23, 2012

The 100 floors just unlocked to 90 Floors now. 10 more to go! Here are the walkthrough for 100 floors level 81 – 90 if you wondering how to pass these puzzle game levels 🙂

If you stuck with some floor see the guide tips below for some answer cheat then open these doors now !

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here are the 100 floors walkthrough tips level 81-90 :

100 floors level 81 solution
You can see + X and 6 all you need to do is having the “number” of this floor level which is 81
First you must FLIP your phone upside down and press “9”, “X”, “9” then hit “=” (You can press any 9 or X)

100 floors level 82 solution
Press on the ground on the bottom right corner above the word “FLOOR 82”
Pick up the green knob in the hole in the ground and put it onto the left hole on the door
Turn the left green knob to face 9 o’clock and turn the right green knob to face 4 o’clock, you will see a panel on the left with a lever
Select the lever in your inventory and put it next to the wall on the right side
While pressing and holding the lever, press the green arrow.

100 floors level 83 solution
Drag the different colored shapes onto the white square so it fills it up the square

100 floors level 84 solution
Press all 3 buttons on the ground at the same time using 3 fingers.
Then press the red button.
Then press the 2 blue buttons at the same time using 2 fingers.
Then press all 3 buttons at the same time using 3 fingers.
you should hear a ringing sound

100 floors level 85 solution
These items i mention will be pick from your inventory :
Select torch and press the 2nd candle, then 1st candle, then 3rd candle.
Select knife and press the 3rd candle then 1st candle.
Select torch and press the 1st candle.
Select knife and press the 1st candle then 2nd candle.

100 floors level 86 solution
Note : CW (clock wise = to the right) CCW = (counter clockwise = to the left)
Press the round 11 button and turn the clock hand CCW to 11 o’clock
Press the round 5 button and turn the clock hand CW to 5 o’clock
Press the round 1 button and turn the clock hand CW to 1 o’clock
Press the round 8 button and turn the clock hand CCW to 8 o’clock
Finally, press the round 12 button and turn the clock hand CW to 12 o’clock and the door will open.

100 floors level 87 solution
Shake your phone/device so the bear wakes up. Press the bear once to move him
Wait until he falls asleep again then press the green elevator arrow button

100 floors level 88 solution
Pull down the top left hat so it’s lined up with the right middle hat
Now pull out the middle right hat so it’s directly above the bottom right hat
Then press the top right hat once to flip it
Now drag the red ball into the top right hat

100 floors level 89 solution
Press “Se”, “Si”, “Ni”, “Fi”, “Fo”

100 floors level 90 solution
Press 1st yellow button 4 time
Press 2nd yellow button 3 times
Press 3rd yellow button 2 times
Press small hidden blue dot near the top right corner, it should light up.

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