100 Floors World Tour America Walkthrough

By | October 28, 2013

Travel the globe with this game and escape each door puzzle easily using 100 floors world tour america walkthrough for floor 1 to 10 answers
100 Floors World Tour By Tobi Apps Limited

solution for 100 floors world tour USA cheats :

100 floors world tour america level 1 walkthrough
there are 3 segments of red stripes from the flag : top, middle, bottom
don’t move the middle segment
drag the top segment to the bottom of the flag
drag the bottom segment upwards to make its top stripe to be the 2nd stripe of the flag

100 floors world tour america level 2 walkthrough
tilt your device rightwards to move the statue of liberty to reveal the torch behind her
keep tilting your device until the statue reaches the right side to light the torch
tap the torch to inventory and click the right hand of the statue

100 floors world tour america level 3 walkthrough
drag the indian hat upwards to reveal the white feather
tap the white feather to collect it to invetory
shake your device to break the tomato juice bottle
select the white feather and click the spilled tomato juice on the ground
tap the top right rectangle to make it red

100 floors world tour america level 4 walkthrough
get the pistol on ground to inventory
remember the wanted poster and click the right lever, you must shoot the one with the same wanted man on the door

100 floors world tour america level 5 walkthrough
tilt your device to move the balls into the hole in this order : 1 – 9
be careful with the white ball, it should never be moved into the hole


100 floors world tour america level 6 walkthrough
tap the gun on inventory and click the guns on top to start the countdown
you need to beat the man after the countdown reach 0

100 floors world tour america level 7 walkthrough
create the correct shape like the arrow above the door using the torch click on :
– top left
– bottom left
– top right

100 floors world tour america level 8 walkthrough
select the torch and hold each theremometers on the two sides of the door to make their temperatures to be :
left = -17
right = -76
you can do this by make the left temperature go up to 99 then make the right one stay around 76 by continuously tapping on it, stop tapping when the left one right decreases to 17

100 floors world tour america level 9 walkthrough
the clue is the star map on the ceiling
slide among the stars to connect them, and once you start you need to hold your finger on the last star you touch

100 floors world tour america level 10 walkthrough
you need only to have 1 red blck in the middle
from top to bottom, the blocks are A-C, from left to right are 1-5
tap the blocks in this order :
B4 – C4 – C3 – A4 – A2 – A3 – B3