100 Floors World Tour Japan Walkthrough

By | October 31, 2013

The last country that you can visit and solve the puzzle game for floor 1-10 ! find out how to escape each door in 100 floors world tour japan walkthrough 🙂
100 Floors World Tour By Tobi Apps Limited

solution for 100 floors world tour egypt cheats :

100 floors world tour japan level 1 walkthrough
tap the small yelow dot on the door to make the cherry blossom petals start falling
tilt your device propely to catch 5 petals with the dot one by one to complete a cherry blossom

100 floors world tour japan level 2 walkthrough
the hint is OPEN the door, so move the panels on the door to connect and spell “OPEN”

100 floors world tour japan level 3 walkthrough
tilt your device to make the gold coin move following the rail on the door until it meets the bottom left corner square on the wall
grab the coin and use it on the fortune cat

100 floors world tour japan level 4 walkthrough
get the sword on ground and press the small ball on the ceiling
you need to swipe the rope 25 times in order to open the door

100 floors world tour japan level 5 walkthrough
select the sword and cut the bamboo curtain above the door to reveal some color code :
tap the 3 drums according to their colors and the color code you just found :
left – right – middle – left – left


100 floors world tour japan level 6 walkthrough
it’s a sudoku game
the hint is on the left of the ground :
1 stands for 1 stroke
2 stands for 2 strokes
3 stands for 3 strokes
now translate the letters on the wall and door from top to bottom :
left wall : 2 1 1
door : 1 3 3
right : 2 2 3
drag the letters to the correct spot and the door will open

100 floors world tour japan level 7 walkthrough
select the sword then tap the ninja, he will clone into 5 ninjas
click the original ninja

100 floors world tour japan level 8 walkthrough
tap the wood circle on left to the 3rd X
now slide the door in this order so the circle reach the japan flag :
down – right – down – left – up – right – down

100 floors world tour japan level 9 walkthrough
the hanging lanters from top to bottom are A-B, left to right 1-5
tap the golden button on the right of the ground to light B2
now lights all the lantern by tapping these order :
A1 – A5 – B4 – A4 – B5

100 floors world tour japan level 10 walkthrough
the hint is the 8 on the top of the door
tap each one of the 4 circles on the door, it will move one step clockwise or counter clockwise
tap to move the 4 circles properly to make the sum of the 3 joint numbers on both vertical and horizontal lines to be 8
tap the 4 circles in this order :
top right = 3x
bottom left = 3x
bottom right = 3x
top left = 4x