100 Fusumas Level 51 – 60 Walkthrough

By | December 20, 2012

There’s only 1 christmas item for this week update, open the japanese door and escape to next floor easily with 100 fusumas level 51 – 60 walkthrough !

there are some difficult code puzzle in level 53, 57 and 58 that using some code logic, but we already have the cheat answer for you !

100 fusumas solutions :

100 fusumas level 51 walkthrough
get the key on top of christmas tree
use it to open the safe
put the star on christmas tree
click the switch and turn it on so the christmas tree lights blink

100 fusumas level 52 walkthrough
get the iron hook on floor
use it to the circle on door
swipe down to make the door fall

100 fusumas level 53 walkthrough
SxHDxMYm find out the value of x
it’s M and W
hint : time 🙂

100 fusumas level 54 walkthrough
tap and hold the right bamboo
now tilt your phone / device facing down
a key will pop up from the left bamboo

100 fusumas level 55 walkthrough
drag the left clothes to the right hanger
tap the eye mask and put it on the sleeping person

100 fusumas level 56 walkthrough
slide the door until it reach “number” 56
it’s the 3rd circle from the right
then click the door

100 fusumas level 57 walkthrough
click the square on left box
automatic = 2 88 8 666 6 2 8 444 222
manual = 6 2 66 88 2 555

100 fusumas level 58 walkthrough
find out the value of 0
enter 36 to open the door

100 fusumas level 59 walkthrough
tilt your phone to right, a wheel will pop up
get it and put it on the right door side
swipe the wheel to the left (counter clock wise)
until the water gone

100 fusumas level 60 walkthrough
get the orange from the table and put it on the top right
move the table to left and tilt your device to match the plank with the shadow

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