100 Fusumas Level 61 – 70 Walkthrough

By | January 12, 2013

Update with new floor 4 : 100 fusumas level 61 – 70 walkthrough is here to help your problem solving the puzzle for each door.

check out the solution to pass the new levels

hint for 100 fusumas answers :

100 fusumas level 61 walkthrough
using the letters to move start from top left
E = east (right)
S = south (down)
W = west (left)
N = north (up)
follow these trail : E E S W W S S S E E E N W W N E E N N E S S S S E

100 fusumas level 62 walkthrough
first take a look for a broken pieces and tap it to break
now you have an empty space, move the square to make a picture of mountain

100 fusumas level 63 walkthrough
place the shape on each position, tap to rotate
if you put it on the right space, it will have a sound

100 fusumas level 64 walkthrough
exit the game (100fusumas) and back again
the door will open

100 fusumas level 65 walkthrough
i solve this by try and error
tap the button on top or bottom to make picture like above
the middle button will change 3 pictures

100 fusumas level 66 walkthrough
without waking the person who sleeping, open the door
you must do it under a minute or the smoke will burn the room

100 fusumas level 67 walkthrough
shake to make the picture fall, tap the picture to see baby
tap it again to see a date, but just look at the year
2013 – year = ?
that’s the answer, the year is random

100 fusumas level 68 walkthrough
tap all the sushi you can get then open the computer
try each sushi on the computer, you must look for the one with USB
take more sushi if you don’t have it, my passcode is 1993
i think this one is random too

100 fusumas level 69 walkthrough
make the spirit gone by clicking the doll
tap these doll in order : 1 3 4 2
do it for the second time to make the doll fall

100 fusumas level 70 walkthrough
tap the right painting, change the 7 numbers into the right path

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