100 Fusumas Level 71 – 80 Walkthrough

By | February 2, 2013

The final floor 4 update is here ! most of these stages are hard, so make sure you see the answers in 100 fusumas level 71 – 80 walkthrough to pass each door with the right solutions !

read all the guide to solve the room puzzle

hint for 100 fusumas cheats :

100 fusumas level 71 walkthrough
swipe your finger on bottom right snow
get shovel and use it to swipe the middle snow
do it until you see the door

100 fusumas level 72 walkthrough
press and hold button on left until the left door light up
press and hold button on right until the right door light up
open door

100 fusumas level 73 walkthrough
change the clock minute hand into the cushion number :
example : 3 – 2 – 1
move it :
left 3x
right 2x
left 1x

100 fusumas level 74 walkthrough
don’t mind the items on floor
just press the finger print until door open

100 fusumas level 75 walkthrough
press the door when it got the same pattern like the floor

100 fusumas level 76 walkthrough
5 dice with hint : c and d in circle
drag the left dice to the right to see c/d = pi
change the dice front to 2,3,6,3,4

100 fusumas level 77 walkthrough
get the remote on left, open it
turn it off
slide to left to change to TV remote then off again
slide to left and tap the switch to make the room dark
open the door

100 fusumas level 78 walkthrough
click the left panel
there will be 10 questions, answer the questions
just choose the right answer from the mirrored clock

100 fusumas level 79 walkthrough
click the ipad, then shake your phone
click 100 fusumas icon

100 fusumas level 80 walkthrough
wait until the count is on 80
your job is to eliminate the shadow before the person come in

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