100 Fusumas Level 81 – 90 Walkthrough

By | February 26, 2013

New update and we have floor 5 open ! find out how to solve each room in these help guide : 100 fusumas level 81 – 90 walkthrough because these levels getting more tricky, so make sure you know the solution how to pass each door 😛

soon we will reach level 100, do you think the game will end ?

hint for 100 fusumas answers :

100 fusumas level 81 walkthrough
count the color and place the ball to the door’s mouth :
1. yellow
2. orange
3. green
4. red

100 fusumas level 82 walkthrough
shake to get a coin, put it on the wall hole
press the sign, and hold the left arrow until the machine hand right above the door
then release it, so the machine pull the door

100 fusumas level 83 walkthrough
tilt to move the ball under the tube
press the wheel and rotate it until the water rise up

100 fusumas level 84 walkthrough
place the weight in these order :
green : big
red : small and medium
blue : big and medium

100 fusumas level 85 walkthrough
press the the door to open, ignore all other buttons

100 fusumas level 86 walkthrough
press the fan button until the fan facing right
tap the balloon
get the thorn
use it on the rope
the balloon will touch the button

100 fusumas level 87 walkthrough
get the gun and shoot the “pi” symbol (π)

100 fusumas level 88 walkthrough
use the gun and shoot the corner side of door :
bottom right – top right – bottom left – top left

100 fusumas level 89 walkthrough
get the hammer toy and tap the man until the bar full

100 fusumas level 90 walkthrough
press stop when all the guest menu is on the list
do it until the door will open

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