100 Fusumas Level 91 – 100 Walkthrough

By | April 5, 2013

Maybe this is the last guide for floor 5 ? because we have reached level 100 ! here are the answers for 100 fusumas level 91 – 100 walkthrough ! you might find some room hard to solve ? then get your solutions how to pass the door below 🙂

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tips for 100 fusumas solutions :

100 fusumas level 91 walkthrough
place the weight, red ball and dice on left scale and the rest on right scale

100 fusumas level 92 walkthrough
this is random so, you need to turn on the lamp color like the car
from left (slow) to right (fast)
just watch which car is the fastest to the slowest 🙂

100 fusumas level 93 walkthrough
click the phone then dial the room number : 0093
tilt your device / phone to move the cabinet

100 fusumas level 94 walkthrough
swipe the bottom left wall until you hear a sound
get the fish and give it to the cat

100 fusumas level 95 walkthrough
click each number and see which direction it moves ?
move the clock hand to each number according to each number direction

100 fusumas level 96 walkthrough
follow the arrow and move the ball to the goal
repeat it 5 times to open the door

100 fusumas level 97 walkthrough
find 2 password on app store 😛 too easy 🙂

100 fusumas level 98 walkthrough
tilt and open the door before the ceiling falls to the floor

100 fusumas level 99 walkthrough
turn off the lamp, open the curtain
click the door

100 fusumas level 100 walkthrough
click the time jump down button to go for 2053
get 2 key and triangle
jump to 10 year before and collect triangle until you go to 2023 get keycard
place all the triangle to the pentagon
go to 2013 place the rest triangle then use the keycard and 2 keys to open the door

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