100 Gates Walkthrough Level 1 – 5 Solution

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A new Room Escape puzzle game for Android : 100 gates ! take a look for a solution hint here for 100 gates walkthrough !

here are the first 5 levels answers :

100 gates level 1 walkthrough
click the door to open

100 gates level 2 walkthrough
there’s a ring on bottom left that you can connect to the lion
then tap it to open

100 gates level 3 walkthrough
remove the left bush to see a button
hold it for like 3 seconds and the door will open

100 gates level 4 walkthrough
the hint is on the floor, shake your phone !

100 gates level 5 walkthrough
this one quite difficult for me, maybe my device ?
i don’t know about you guys, it should be easy :|
you only need to swipe the knife on the directions it pointed to
from bottom left to clockwise
bottom left : up
middle left : down
top left : right
top right : left
middle right : up
bottom right : down
then the door will open

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