100 Lights Level 1 – 5 Walkthrough

By | August 29, 2012

First 5 levels solution : 100 lights level 1 – 5 walkthrough ! Your challenge is to turn on all of the lights on the house room !

how this puzzle game works :
turn on every light in the room to progress to the next level. Lights can be all kinds of things, so think outside of the box ! touch, rotate, shake, and experiment with your mobile device to find the answers.

here are the answers cheats :

100 lights level 1 walkthrough
introduction ! click the lamp to turn on the light

100 lights level 2 walkthrough
there’s a switch on the left side, click it to turn on the lamp

100 lights level 3 walkthrough
a tree is blocking the lamp, move it by dragging
now click the lamp to turn it on 🙂

100 lights level 4 walkthrough
there’s a left arrow sign, you can swipe it to see a switch
click it so the lamp turn on
it’s not bright enough, so open the curtains

100 lights level 5 walkthrough
rotate your phone in a full circle to the right, just like clock sign
noticed the sun light from the window 😀