100 Lights Level 11 – 15 Cheats

By | August 30, 2012

Solve the items room levels easily with these 100 lights level 11 – 15 cheats ! you can read the solution for each stage on this guide 🙂

answer solution for 100 lights puzzle game :

100 lights level 11 walkthrough
it’s a shakelight, so shake your phone to make it on
and you’ll see a light 🙂

100 lights level 12 walkthrough
a dynamo that connected with a bulb
there’s a hand sign pointing to the bulb
so tap the bulb for several times, and you’ll see the connector turned green
now the bulb will light up !

100 lights level 13 walkthrough
box of matches and candle
click the box of matches to get a match in your items
swipe it on the box to make fire
now light up the candle, it’s not bright enough ?
so light up the box too 😛

100 lights level 14 walkthrough
there are several candle you need to light
use the match to light up from the small one to the tallest in correct order

100 lights level 15 walkthrough
3 lamps with logo :
star (rate)
f (facebook)
bird (twitter)
just click one of them to light up and it will bring you to the link 😐

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