100 Lights Level 16 – 20 Walkthrough

By | September 7, 2012

Read 100 lights level 16 – 20 walkthrough if you have trouble how to pass each puzzle that you stuck on.

It’s night on the campsite, so you need to bright the game with anything you have on each stage ! here are the answer for 100 lights the campsite solution :

100 lights level 16 walkthrough
there’s a dark cloud, drag it to 2 trees so you can see a lightning strike
and burn the tree with fire ! after you burn both tree you can go to next stage

100 lights level 17 walkthrough
click the sticks to your inventory
use it to rub on the capfire wood, you’ll see a smoke and a fire !

100 lights level 18 walkthrough
click the jar to your inventory
use it to catch the fireflies
shake your phone to make the fireflies light glowing up
yeah pretty evil 😛

100 lights level 19 walkthrough
a rain is pouring down the campfire
tilt your device to left so the rain is moving too
now while holding your phone to left use the wood and rub it just like what you did on the first level
after you get the fire go to last level

100 lights level 20 walkthrough
drag the fireflies to the lamp so the light on the lamp will glowing more !
another evil works 😛