100 Lights Level 31 – 35 Walkthrough

By | September 7, 2012

welcome to the twilight room solution where we’re gonna help you with 100 lights level 31 – 35 walkthrough !

these stage quite tricky, because on some levels there’s no hint what to do.. so you might get stuck and wonder how to pass the light

so here are the solutions for each puzzle :

100 lights level 31 walkthrough
swipe the arrow picture :
to right – down – up – left

100 lights level 32 walkthrough
pull the red / green button in the correct order, here’s the answer :
red green red red

100 lights level 33 walkthrough
look at the color hint of lamp body from top to bottom, and click these Letter :
R ed
O range
Y ellow
G reen
B lue
V iolet
then enter !

100 lights level 34 walkthrough
hold two swirlies on the top
while holding it, click the lamp
it will turn on

100 lights level 35 walkthrough
click the nail button on the middle, and shake your phone to turn on the lamp