100 Lights Level 36 – 40 Walkthrough

By | September 6, 2012

Start the temple room and read 100 lights level 36 – 40 walkthrough if you need a quick solution how to pass these levels !

you will see some mayan statue and some indiana jones puzzle games, all answer to light up these stages :

100 lights level 36 walkthrough
take the red head stone on the left side
now drag the sun to the right so the shadow point on IV
the fire will light up and you can go to next stage

100 lights level 37 walkthrough
the hint is on the top
moon – sun – arrow
click these button at the same time with your fingers
bottom left – top middle – bottom right
and you can see the fire !

100 lights level 38 walkthrough
press 2 sun button on each side
the mouth will move
now pull down the tongue !
the eye will shine

100 lights level 39 walkthrough
look at the bottom, there’s a statue from the first level !
now take the red head statue from your inventory
drag it to the top middle, and get ready to get the sack
release it and you must hurry to click the sack before the statue fall

100 lights level 40 walkthrough
open the sack from your inventory and click to open
you need to put the right order of the moon
starting from top full moon
put 3 missing pieces :
left : almost half moon +
bottom : half moon –
right : no moon

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