100 Lights Level 41 – 45 Walkthrough

By | September 30, 2012

There are simple solution to light up the study room, but if you need answer cheat when you stuck then just read 100 lights level 41 – 45 walkthrough here !

here help guide how to pass each stage :

100 lights level 41 walkthrough
you will find a shelf with tesla coil on top
just click the 5 red book to light up the lamp 🙂

100 lights level 42 walkthrough
the hint is on the top button for each lamp
left = green
right = red
so separate each book on the right side
also take the middle book to put them on the bottom rack
then separate them too
you will have 2 bulb light on !

100 lights level 43 walkthrough
tilt your phone forward so the sculpture head will drop from shelf
take the key and use it to unlock the safe
click the lamp and you’re done !

100 lights level 44 walkthrough
switch the book in the correct roman number for each box
top left : green middle book
top right : red and green book
bottom left : single green book
bottom right : red and 2 green book
now take the book from your inventory and put the on bottom left box
the light will turned on now !

100 lights level 45 walkthrough
drag the clock to the right
put the book from “items” to the bottom middle on the bookshelf
click the red ball on the top so it move
now tilt your phone forward so it drop to the shelf
tilt your phone so the ball get into the hole
your target is the green button !
after the red ball touch the button the lamp will turned on !

you’re done with this 5 levels !