100 Lights Level 46 – 50 Walkthrough

By | September 30, 2012

Tangrams is the latest update for this iphone room escape game, read all the walkthrough help on 100 lights level 46 – 50 solution !

here’s the answers for each light :

100 lights level 46 walkthrough
there’s an arrow on the top, you need to drag some triangle shape to match it
use the bottom right triangle for the head and 2 small triangle to create a square
you will see santa clause ? when done

100 lights level 47 walkthrough
just like before now it’s a cat shape ?
use the small triangle on left, big triangle on middle and a rhombus as tail
you’ll see the cat face when done

100 lights level 48 walkthrough
it’s a fish shape, from left to right :
large triangle, medium triangle, small triangle, rhombus and a small triangle on bottom
you’ll see a bird when done

100 lights level 49 walkthrough
this time you will use all the shape to match
from left to right
1st row : small triangle, square, big triangle, medium triangle
2nd row : big triangle, rhombus
3rd row : small triangle
you will see a fish when done

100 lights level 50 walkthrough
it’s a mountain shape, put this shape from left to right :
large triangle, rhombus on top, small triangle on bottom
square on top, medium triangle on middle, small triangle on bottom, large triangle

see you on next stage update 🙂

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