100 Locked Doors Cheats

By | December 18, 2013

Need some hints or clue to help you solve the puzzle door ? read all 100 locked doors cheats for the first 10 door answers 🙂 we will make more guide soon, so just follow us here
Android game 100 Locked Doors by Protey Apps

100 locked doors niveau 1 – 10 guide :

100 locked doors level 1 walkthrough
click the lift door to open door

100 locked doors level 2 walkthrough
slide the green dots up to grey ring to open the door

100 locked doors level 3 walkthrough
get the screwdriver and use it to fix elevator button

100 locked doors level 4 walkthrough
shake your phone to drop the box on the shelf and find the key

100 locked doors level 5 walkthrough
use the numbers on floor to input on keypad : 1986


100 locked doors level 6 walkthrough
hold the green button with 1 finger and wait until the yellow bar full

100 locked doors level 7 walkthrough
click on all square to connect an arrow like the one on top

100 locked doors level 8 walkthrough
the hint is on the elevator door bar, it’s the order to press the button :
left – right – left 2x – right – left – right 2x

100 locked doors level 9 walkthrough
the code numbers is behind the sign, but for the last one you need to figure it out from the sign : 251783

100 locked doors level 10 walkthrough
move the box to get the hammer and use it on the box, get the key and open the door

100 locked doors nivel 1-10 solution :

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