100 Missions Level 1 Solution

By | August 31, 2012

Walkthrough for mission 1 MPI puzzle game android : 100 missions level 1 solution

Your mission is to infiltrate a high security suite and obtain classified information on an enemy nation. Escape without notice or evidence. Good luck agent

here are step by step answer guide :

find a screwdriver on table, then open electric panel
change the color on the right : blue – yellow – green – red
click the switch near door to light up the room

find a hammer now break 2 things :
wall for casette dock
piggy bank for coin

combine hammer + coin by open inventory then drag hammer to coin and you’ll get a flattened coin
put the coin to the hole on billiard table, you’ll get a message : “it seems something has shifted”

find a paper from jacket, now go to bathroom (white door)
get a code on garbage, you’ll have a code : 4519

get key near the sink, open the box on the left side to find a pipe
combine them to make a way for water then use red velvet
look on the water closet, click the silver key

get out from bathroom
open the drawer under the tv with silver key for paper
open second drawer from bottom and get batteries and paper clip

find shoe lace near shoe stand (door > right)
combine shoe lace + paper clip for a hook
go back to bathroom and go to the sink hole
use the hook and get a gold key

go out from bathroom, look for white cabinet near bathroom door
use gold key to open second drawer for UV lamp
combine uv lamp + batteries

switch off the lamp and use the uv lamp to the frame near billiard
you’ll get a code for safe : > < > < < >
swipe the safe with this direction : right left right left left right
to get magnetic card flash drive a casette tape

use usb to the computer and click 4519 to copy date

casette tape + casette dock = morse code when you play it
use blank paper to the printer for the code = 5 7 1 4

use magnetic card to the door and enter 5714
now you can get out with the data 🙂

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