100 Missions Level 2 Walkthrough Solution

By | August 31, 2012

Step by step answer on how to solve 100 missions level 2 walkthrough, we’re not stuck on the chemicals anymore 🙂 find the solution hint below!

this mission 2 is on the hangar where you can find some army transportations, you need to destroy some stockpile

solution for 100 missions level 2 :
you need to pass the soldier first so
go to hangar and find a dirty rag from right room with truck, look at the box between tank + truck
go to helicopter on left room then find a chloroform jar
open inventory and drag chloroform to dirty rag
now you can use it to the soldier
get some items from the soldier that you knocked out :
dog tags, key.

some items you can get :
the jerrycan behind the truck from the room where you got dirty rag
platoon equipment usage list on the truck
after you pass the soldier look for :
AK47, C4, personnel medical records

use the personnel medical records, dog tags and platoon equipment usage list you’ll get the door code :
997 2 24 72

use the key to open the middle locker and get cigarettes, lighter and car key
also get timer that you can combine with C4 from rack

there’s a scientist inside with some chemicals :
Cu Co Sn Tm Ar Pd W Pb Pu Pa
use AK47 to get his document, where you’ll see some chemical code

put the jerrycan next to the chemicals, then put them in with the following order :
Pa, SN, CU, W, PU
combine the jerrycan with C4

open the suzuki car key near soldier to the left with car key
get the pliers and open the font side of suzuki car and find take the wires
combine the wires with jerrycan

then go to the explosive drums, put your jerrycan
and go back to watch out the hangar blow up !

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