100 Missions Level 3 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 15, 2012

Need a hint to pass mission 3 when you stuck ? then read 100 Missions Level 3 Walkthrough here !

Find the solution together so we can save an undercover agent that has been captured !

here’s a step by step help guide :

tap the pointer when it’s on the soldier head
click on his pocket to get a piece of paper code : 3555 and get the dart

get a boltcutter near refrigerator, also inside find meat and energy drink
click the document and glass of mug on the table
click on the paper on the left side for some duct tape

using the code we need to click the computer and disable the camera
triangle = 2 * diamond
triangle = 2 + rectangle
circle = 1 + triangle
circle = 5 + diamond

enter the code with keyboard : 8694

next click the 2 panel to disable the electrical power
dials the button to :
top : right, down, right
bottom : down, down left

cut the fence with boltcutter and use your meat to pass the dog

go to the tower and make the the pointer go to 128, black, black, black this is from the code 3555 where you need to move down how many times

if you do the math you’ll find a code 1015

next go to the left side, and unlock the lock with dart
get these items : wooden board, anchor and axe

around the dock find 3 items : 2 wooden boards and a rope
combine 3 wooden boards together
combine rope and anchor, use it on the boat on the right side
get a key from the boat

now open the panel near elevator and use a duct tape to combine the missing wire
open the elevator and use the key to play a mini puzzle
make a way so you can move the orange square to the right

got to the right where you can find a ladder to the ship
use the wooden boards that you combined earlier to the missing ladder
now you can move on !

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