100 Missions Level 5 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 29, 2012

Let’s see the mission story for 100 missions level 5 walkthrough : Now since you’re on the ship, time to continue agent rescue on wheelhouse infiltration !

you will have some separate code to answer in this android game, earlier we stucked 🙁 but now we have the help solution for you !

first let’s try the mini puzzle ! look at the briefcase on the table
you need to make the numbers in order from top left : 1-15
then after you unlock it, get the shaped key, map, plastic sealed image

look on the drawers, zoom in where you can find
D shaped ruler, and a key under the captain’s hat !

use the key to open dresser, you will find another items :
microphone, log book and L shaped ruler

go to the table with globe, zoom in the globe
use the shaped key to unlock the globe for another plastic image
combine 2 plastic image to get a number : 4756

go to wall with ship picture on the wall (right)
zoom in and unlock the safe with this code 4756
take compass and old watch

click the bottom left side of the pillar with clock to get a measuring angle item
go to the work station on the left side you can zoom in and get a blue pencil
also look at lower right corner of the work station newr wheel to get power strip extension cord

back to the table with globe and put these items :
map, D ruler, L ruler, measuring angle, compass
you will get a coordinates : 41465014

go to wheel room, this is where it get tricky
there’s a picture of Fryatts so it’s kinda hard code to crack but we need his DOB, it’s 1872
use the date of birth as code, then you’ll hear a sound
open the drawer under it where you can get microphone stand and headphones

go to the door room and use the extension cord to put green machine
combine the microphone with stand then plug in on the green machine, don’t forget the headphones too
type in the coordinate : 41465014
you will get a new code hint : 6891
use it on the door and you’re done with walkthrough for 100 missions level 5 🙂

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