100 Missions Level 6 Walkthrough

By | October 5, 2012

The final mission for agent rescue levels ! we will help you solve it with this 100 missions level 6 walkthrough 🙂

take out the abductor and rescue the missing agent !

here are the guide for the answer 🙂
find these items :
from bed : knife, metal rod on top near stereo
from kitchen : the flammable thing, the cooking oil, vodca and a pan
mixed all the fluids in the pan and put it on the microwave

go out and use the metal rod to close the kitchen door

go to right to see a room flood with water
click the red wheel, use it to break fire extinguisher glass and get the item

go back and find a single guard, use the extinguisher to him
pick a gun and silver key
click the pipe near him and put the red wheel
click the wheel

back to the flooded room, you’ll find the water gone now
take a screw driver on the right bottom

unscrew the middle floor there’s an item, leave it because we need an item to get it

go to bedroom and unscrew the speaker for magnet
go to left room on the bedroom and use the key to open left drawer
get some bullets

back to the flooded room (was)
combine the magnet with knife
use it to get the item on the floor that you open before
you’ll have a clip for the bullet gun
combine all the gun together

using the gun, go to room with agent !
no puzzle for this mission 🙂

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