100 Missions Level 7 Walkthrough Solution

By | October 16, 2012

There are 2 locker code, one of them is so hard to solve ! but we have the answer for the locker number here in 100 missions level 7 walkthrough

the solution for this mission is you need to find some diving tools and open the hatch for water !

here are the help guide :
find your agent and talk to her for hint code : 714
try to add the first number from 1-9 and add 714 for the locker number
you’ll have the answer : 9714
get a fire extinguisher inside

go left for another locker, but there’s a fire blocking your way
use fire extinguisher !
after the fire gone, zoom in the locker
from the code number : 1,8,70,627
you will have the answer : 5639

from here :
1 * 9 – 1 = 8
8 * 9 – 2 = 70
70 * 9 – 3 = 627
627 * 9 – 4 = 5639
As per the other combination ‘9’ is common denominator. Multiply each number by 9 and take away 1 from the first number, 2 from the second and so on

get 3 items inside : sheet of paper, key and oxygen tanks

go to first locker room and look on the right side for 2 diving fins
on the middle there’s a bag you can open
get a hammer

use the hammer on the locker that you just open
take the door and find a room with stairs

put the door on stairs
go up and get 2 diving googles
get dark metal key on the hand rail
use the hammer on left box for steel chains

find your partner again
zoom in the fence behind her
use the key to open, then use the chains on the hook
click the right panel on wall
use the sheet of paper containing colors and numbers for the code
there are 3 colors : red yellow blue

first number under each color is the column number, second number is the row number
after you change all the color into the right position you’ll have a hint arrow :
up down up

find a red lever under stairs
change the second lever column on both row into down
you will hear a water flow in !

back to the fence and zoom in the water ! you’re done for level 7 😀

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