100 Missions Mission 13 Walkthrough Las Vegas

By | January 5, 2013

New place of 100 missions #3 : las vegas, where on these level you will be track a used car dealer. Start the first mission and read the solutions here on 100 missions mission 13 walkthrough

you’re on the office and need to escape, get items to open door !

1. get paperclip and cigarettes on table
2. click the plant on corner and tap the key
3. click the left chair and tap another key


4. use the key from plant to open door on right and find note + ladder
5. figure out the pattern from note : 161, use this code number to open door with keypad
6. find 4 items : spray bottle, light bulb, gloves and lighter
7. go outside and find a dark room that you can open
8. use the bulb on the lamp and pick up tape and scissors
9. use key to open drawer, get a glass with fingerprints
10. combine scissors with tape -> tape with glass -> fingerprint with gloves
11. use the gloves to open door with green hand panel
12. use spray bottle to see the lasers
13. use paperclip to sabotage the laser panel
14. combine cigarette and lighter, place the ladder on right side
15. use the cigarette to the fire alarm on the ceiling
16. go outside back to room with code panel, and tap the axe
17. take a look on the left door near ladder, use the axe to break the lock
18. escape using fire exit door !

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