100 Missions Mission 15 Walkthrough Las Vegas

By | January 5, 2013

Level 3 of 100 missions las vegas ! you’re close but in this episode you’ll find another name : miguel 😐 so let’s take a look the story in 100 missions mission 15 walkthrough

mission 15 hotel 905, a guard is blocking your way so make his eye ‘closed’ with something and hit him with something !

here are the solution step by step :
1. get a pan and battery from clock
2. go out and click fridge for french fries and table for wrench
3. go to right room and tap the table near bed for password and candle
4. click left bedroom and swipe 178 for the briefcase password, get an ink
5. go to bathroom and get a wax and whiskey
6. go left to the toilet and use wrench to pull the valve
7. back to the kitchen table near fridge, put the valve on the gas pipe


8. on the kitchen stove place the right color : blue – red yellow – green
9. put the pan on stove, add fries and whiskey
10. to make the smoke stuck, tap the vent above stove to close
11. use the whiskey bottle to knock on the guard
12. open the vent to remove all the smoke
13. get a plastic card from guard and open the door
14. tap the painting and get a notebook
15. combine wax + notebook -> notebook + ink
16. put on battery into the phone on the table
17. go outside and go to the left door from guard to escape

see you on mission 16

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