100 Missions Mission 16 Las Vegas

By | January 17, 2013

Level 4 of 100 missions las vegas ! greed is dead so you must find what’s happening in the swimming pool on 100 missions mission 16 walkthrough

Don’t let the door that blocked by bar make you stuck, if you try to pass it with flat tray because the bar must be removed by something flat then you’re wrong 😛

read the guide to find the right solution for 100 missions las vegas level 16 here :
1. get all towels on the left locker
2. click the door and put the towels on the floor
3. go to swimming pool and click left, turn on the light then get tray under the cups
4. go to right side, turn on light and get a key from the pocket
5. open greed locker with this key and get a map for secret room on swimming pool
6. open the secret door behind the plant
7. get the net inside
8. use the net to reach the gun on the pool
9. open the right locker outside using the gun and get the key
10. get inside the secret room and open the wood door using tray


11. click the cable and drag to connect each color
12. get the cd on table and click the switch
13. use cd on the computer under table
14. use key to open the door
15. see you on level 17

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