100 Missions Mission 17 Las Vegas

By | February 2, 2013

Level 5 of 100 missions las vegas : gambling hall ! find a pass card and some kind of weapon to get miguel inside the middle of main room with 100 missions mission 17 walkthrough

you will see 3 vending machine, and stuck ? no there’s a side on the ‘middle’ to go for other room
let’s start your journey 🙂

read the guide to find the answers for 100 missions las vegas level 17 here :
1. open left door
2. click right and get code on napkin : 2794
3. tap on door keypad and go inside to find some switch light
4. get tokens on table
5. turn on light on poker room
6. go back outside, and go out again until you can see room with miguel on middle
7. go right to click on the poker table, get a credit card
8. back to room with switch, turn on the slot machine
9. go out, click right side to play slot machine
10. use token and change 3 picture of snake into a bird


11. get a gold coin
12. go back to vending machine
13. press each vending machine using gold coin
14. get a chocolate snack and lighter
15. back to room with switch, click key on table without zoom in
16. turn on the bar
17. go out and use key to open bar door, go left
18. on bar get a towel and vodka, combine them
19. combine the vodca with lighter
20. click chocolate, combine plastic with card
21. use card on the keypad on middle door with miguel
22. use vodca on door, click on miguel
23. go to back of the bar and finish this mission

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