100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 1 Walkthrough

By | November 21, 2012

The 100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 1 Walkthrough is here ! finally new update for mpi android game released today.

You’re on the parking garage and the 1st level you must access the tower elevator lift !

here are the solution :
click the exit sign to get it
go left and click the garbage for ‘how to break into car’ paper
go right for white car and use exit sign to break in
pull the lever and click the bottle of sleeping pills
go to the back of car trunk and find a lifting tool and a pliers

go right and use the lifting tool on the black car’s tire
get a purse with 3 quarter of coins, then click the lifting tool again

go right to the guard and use sleeping pills to make him sleep on his drink then get a key from him
get the blue tape on left wall and a car key

go right and use the car key to open the door
click the handle to zoom and open the black part on middle
cut the cables with pliers then connect it again with tape :
red – blue
yellow – yellow
blue – green
green – red

zoom out and click the wood in front of the car, go inside and open the panel with key
put 3 coins on the 3 7 and 11 count from left-right top-bottom
go to room with elevator lift and use the lifting tool to open it

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