100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 12 Walkthrough

By | December 17, 2012

This should be level 5 of tower heist but they changed the name, so here’s the solution for 100 missions tower heist mission 12 walkthrough

You’re on the heliport, escape from the roof by finding some parachute and defeat the security

help answer for 100 missions tower heist :
get the stone near pipe, click the stairs and get a metal screw
there’s a security guarding the helicopter
back and go right, it’s dark and you can go to the top behind helicopter by finding some tools !

go all the way to left and put the metal screw on the machine
use the stone to get the axe inside glass
use axe to open the door
inside the room get a rope and metal screw
put the 2nd screw to the machine

go back behind helicopter
zoom in the barrels for hook, combine with rope
use the combined item to climb up behind helicopter
take a sturdy rope, use it on the security
click him for a key
open the helicopter with this key

take a backpack and small electrical tape
use tape on the security
click the backpack, go back to the pipe
click the lamp and jump out

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