100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 2 Walkthrough

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Stuck with level 2 ? then 100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 2 Walkthrough is here to help you with the solution to solve the puzzle !

here are the answer :
find pencil and remote on table, and use the pencil to get a code from the paper on table near monitor

use the hint code to open the safe and get a knife and paper, then get the clock on the wall
Click on the printer cut the plug with the knife (red thing) fix it with the wire under the tabel and take out a cd from the CPU then put it on the white circle safe
use the knife to get the batteries out of the clock.
then combine batteries + remote and open the curtain

get the woman statue on shelf
open the second safe using the statue to get a Golden key + gun, use it on briefcase in shelf, you’ll get a silencer.
now shoot the guards and go to the lift

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  • Shayla

    Can you please tell me where the white circle safe is? I can’t find it. Thank you.

    • admin

      first find a view where you can see the window + desk, now click the bottom right side ! it’s on the wall, you should be in zoom in mode right now