100 Missions Walkthrough

By | August 23, 2012

Want a challenging puzzle game on android ? then as MI6 Secret Agent you should solve and pass with 100 missions walkthrough ! if you need solution just look in here 🙂

so far there are some bug for several device like after several searches the screen goes to black and you can’t see any of the room or objects.

they need to fix this game fast so a lot of player can enjoy this game soon 🙂

here are some hint for the answer :

on the first level you need to restore the power
search for screwdriver and there’s an electric box next to door, uncrew and change the color with the same cable
use tool like hammer to break items like ‘pig’, brick, etc
you have to find the tape to use the recorder

You have to find something that looks like a combination for the safe. Then use this combination to rotate the knob
when you found the arrows with the black light, move the safe dial in the directions the arrows are pointing.

When ya first get the crumpled paper out of the garbage in the bathroom ya have to pay attention to the order of the shapes and then reference to the piece of paper that ya got out of the closet
put in order you can see triagle up, square, circle and triangle down

computer code is 4519
door code is 5714

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