100 Rooms Level 22 Solution Walkthrough

By | August 25, 2012

Let’s find the answer for 100 rooms level 22 solution here, if anyone have the walkthrough for this room it will help us

because we still stuck on this room door code 😐

there are several hint on each room :
painting arrow on the right side of door
100/2 = 50.0 ? with a number frame
a sun picture
and a bird + fish picture

okay finally the answer : ‎24,4,12,10,11

why ? here’s the explanation :

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  • anatomysparks

    Hello, call me crazy for thinking this way the arrow picture im assuming is a fraction x a fraction…….. So i have yet to figure out the numbers to multiply.. But think about it for a sec the arrows point up n down on one side n on the other side meaning number up top n below making a fraction, the sun n moon pic is an X for multiplication….multiplying the other fraction on the other side, since 50.0 means 1/2….. Im assuming the highlighted 3 is a decimal being the lamp shade is solid yellow, looking like a dot….decimal… Once we can figure out the sets of fractions break them down into decimals then multiply mabey the codes there

  • jen

    Ok so im seeing the picture telling me to go left…I think the 100/2=50.0 is telling us to divide something. The 3 in the white frame could mean a decimal or to multiply and the furniture shows 1/2…Im just thinking…the night and day looks like we need to divide whatever numbers we get from the walls. Then add birds and fish, but is it add ALL or just birds in water without wings spread and only fish that look like drawing?? And 1 chair is on side so is that 1/2 as well? So im thinking…12*45=540/2=270 and either 10+22=32/2=16 or 4+4=8/2=4
    so 270/4=67.5 or 270/16=16.875

  • anatomysparks

    The way im seeing it is a fraction either multiplied or divided by another fraction…. So the bird pic has 25 animals under water and six above… Does that make 6/25…??? Break that down into a decimal….(im bad with math by the way) what is that end up being?? Im not sure, then on the other side u have 100 over 2 which means 50. Do the row of pic mean a line n does the lamp n chair look like a 1 and a six or am i just making stuff up in my head cuz im frustrated…. Putting 50 over 16 break down in decimals divide that with bird numbers n do we have a code??? I forgot how to convert fractions to decimals pr id try to figure it out, n every1 is still sleeping by me,lol

  • Mike

    The sun and moon is number 8. Look at it, it’s a massive number 8!

    I think the split arrows are telling us that going anticlockwise, we give the number that corresponds to the right hand side or something to do with right, followed by left. For example, some fish + birds point right, and some left. I also think the picture tells us perhaps to only consider water birds and fish, and exclude flying birds. Nevertheless I still have no clue what the answer is. And I really have no clue about 100/2 = 50.0 and 5,4,3,2 and 1. Getting nowhere with that at all.

  • Scrabble


    For me,the sun is a 8.

    I think, there is a clue in the down of wall. in the piece of the door, the clue is in a rectangle picture and on the down of wall there are two rectangles.
    So in the left room, there are 3 squares in the down of wall, in mirror of the squre with number 3 and 2 vertical rectangle (maybe the /2).
    In the sun room, 3 vertical rectangle and 2 squares. And the picture is an vertical rectangle…
    Maybe a clue… And the objects hide them, maybe a code.

    An other way, the / sign is above the square with the number 2. The . sign is above the square with the number 4. A clue ???

  • Scrabble

    And if we must look only the side that the blade of the fan on ceiling show…
    Only the half of the wall so the 50.0 % or the /2 ???

  • Kari-Anne

    sum up the squares.
    Does that make sense..?

  • Tanya

    What I get from the arrow picture is the direction to take and the amount of digits in the code. It says to go counter-clockwise with two digits in the first room, one digit from the sun picture, and two digits in the last room.

  • Twisted

    Does anyone else notice the number 13 in the face of the sun? (look at the nose n mouth) Haven’t solved it, but maybe this is the missing link…..

  • sara

    look 100rooms on facebook… 244121011

  • Sami

    Code is 24121011. Its fb page has the answer.

  • anatomysparks

    Thank god sum1 got that, son of a B that was annoying,oh fyi any1 who want to progress to 24th room code for 23 is 24,43,38…..sorry for throwing answer out, but i feel i owe u guys for 22, thanks!

  • Alex

    I had the answer figured out by accident the day after the update. I just didn’t know how it came to be that. You guys are smart to figure out A and B, I just typed in random numbers until I got it. C, D and E were fairly easy. Thanks for the explaination though.