100 Rooms Level 27 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 8, 2012

For room 27 you only need some item combination, and a pipe dream puzzle ! see the solution below on 100 rooms level 27 walkthrough here 🙂

we hope the hint below can help you pass the door in not time if you stuck !

get a knife on the window, use it on the ‘door’ wallpaper so you can see the door
find a key on the toolbox and use it to open the panel near door
you need to connect the puzzle line so the top left pipe and bottom right pipe is connected
look at the image 🙂 for the answer
you’ll hear a sound if you get the correct answer

now push the red button on the room with toolbox
you’ll get a round saw
go to room with poster and get the green item
combine the saw and the green item
now use it to pass this stage !

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  • Denise

    A picture from the puzzle would be very nice 😀 I just don’t get it

  • Lauren

    I really need the picture 😀 I don’t get how I can connect the pipes?