100 Rooms Level 29 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 8, 2012

We will help you with the solution for 100 rooms level 29 walkthrough because it’s using some combination tool to progress with, and you’ll be guided step by step with the answer !

100 rooms level 29 hint :

look at the mayan door, you must make a small circle that fit to the mayan head
pick a knife in this room on the floor
look for a hammer
fill a bucket with some.. water ? there’s a gold from the water that we need to separate
take a tv and broke it using the hammer for the lcd
take the coat and use your knife to get a piece of it
now combine lcd with a piece of coat
place it on the top of aquarium
use the bucket of water on it
and click it for gold

now go to the mold tool and put your gold in it
use the hammer to it and get your key to open the door !

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