100 Rooms Level 30 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 8, 2012

Last room for this week update, you need to look for a missing tool, if you stuck.. just read the solution in this 100 rooms level 30 walkthrough 🙂

here are the cheats to pass this stage !

look for a suit, matches and knife (under suit closet)
use the knife to cut the curtain on room with window (top right)
also burn some hay with matches on this room to get a hook
combine the hook with curtain
use it to lift a stone on room with err.. blue wood ?
take a key after you see the stone lifted

go back to room with suit and use the key to open the drawer
you can get a pipe
cut the suit with your knife to get a pin
use the pine and pipe together for spring !
now you can open the door with this item 🙂

see you on next update !

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