100 Rooms Level 43 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 29, 2012

Make a key with iron ! also look at the chess board for a code 🙂 read the solution help in 100 rooms level 43 walkthrough below.


go to the room with chess board and look under the sofa for an iron

go to room with rope there’s a chest !
take a look inside and get a white battery
find a code from chessboard (the one with wrong color) :
input b 7 – c 2 – f 4 on the safe

notice there’s down arrow – square – up arrow
press the green square button to open the panel
put the white battery inside

go to the code box and press up button, the room with rope will lift the block
now put the iron to the key mold inside
go to the code box again, now press down and then press up
go to the rope room again and take the key

use the key to open the door !

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