100 Rooms Level 44 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 29, 2012

Find the help answer in 100 rooms level 44 solution ! where we will guide you with the steps how to pass this stage that you stuck with 🙂

If you already find the code for this door room, then you must fix the panel to input the code !

here’s the solution :
go to room with stove and fridge
open the fridge and get the plastic bag
click the bottom part of the stove to find a hammer

go to the table with chemical glass
get a powder from it, and open the middle drawer for pliers

look for a shelf, and click the bottom part to find a book

combine the powder with book then combine it with hammer to get a fire
then put the fire under the pot on the stove to light up the fire
now put the plastic bag on the pot
next zoom out to see the plastic bag flying up

zoom in the pot to see the wall peel off
use the pliers to peel off the wall
next use the pliers again to fix the wires inside the wall

go to the door code and use the number from the book : 386439
the door will open and you can go to next level