100 Rooms Level 45 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 29, 2012

Use the key chain remote to open the door on this room, we will help you with a walkthrough for this 100 rooms level 45 solution !

here’s the answer guide for this stage :

go to room with shelf with TV, look on the left side
take a remote TV near book and a knife

use the knife to the bottom right cabinet near sofa
the one you can open, get a chip tool

go to room with window and get a screwdriver on the left side to the plant
go back to TV, zoom in and click the right side to open the TV
use the screwdriver to open the chip panel
now using the chip tool click the chip to pick up 7 chips

combine the screwdriver with remote TV to get a red piece
zoom in the table with key chain, take the remote cover

zoom in the key chain, and put these chips on the right place :
orange chips on the left side
long chips with small green on the right side
long chips with 2 small purple on the bottom side

if you doing right, then you can pick up the remote key chain
combine the red thing with the remote cover
then combine it together with the remote key chain

now use it to open the door 🙂

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