100 Rooms Level 46 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 29, 2012

Need help to pass the room with 2 doors ? then follow the solution guide on 100 rooms level 46 walkthrough !

actually you need a parachute, because now you’re on a plane ! you can open the door easily but you can’t have a safe landing for this room escape 😛

here’s the answer :
get the dress hanging near door
go to red nets and take the door wheel
put the door wheel on the 2nd door with no handle
open the door, zoom in and take a magnet
using the magnet go back to the red nets and use it on the haystack to get a needle

go room with table, take a bag near the table
zoom in the table and get the thread and rubberbands

go to the sewing machine and zoom in to get a knife
zoom out and use the knife to cut the top of ropes near the door that you open before

now combine the dress with knife 2 times until you see a hole on the dress
then combine it with the rubberbands and also ropes

combine thread and needle together then put it on sewing machine
put the combined items on the sewing machine to make a parachute
combine the parachute with bag

now go outside and jump !

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