100 Rooms Level 47 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 29, 2012

Follow the hint solution how to pass the tiger on this room in 100 rooms level 47 walkthrough ! read the help guide for this android escape game below 🙂

on the weapon room there are 2 items you can get : gun and axe
but if you’re animal lover, you don’t need any of this items 😛

let’s look for food for this tiger
get the plate on the wall left to the door
go to the sink and pick up some items :
grapes, knife and parsley from the 1st drawer

go to windows and get the chicken + apples
back to the stove use the chicken on the stove
put the chicken on the plate
put parsley on the plate
combine knife and apple then put it on the plate
last one, put the grapes on the plate

go to the door and give this food to the tiger
after a while the tiger will smile
and dissapeared !
you can continue to the next level !

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