100 Rooms Level 49 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 29, 2012

Check out the solution for the pyramid room in 100 rooms level 49 walkthrough ! we have the step by step answer so don’t worry if you stuck with this android escape game

you must light the wall with fire ! here’s the hint cheat for 100 rooms level 49 :

look for a statue that holding torch
get a torch from statue, light it up with another torch

get a book near it, and burn it using the torch
you’ll have a knife now
heat the knife and go to the room with lions head
open the bottom panel for metal, pliers and oil

heat the metal using torch, bent it using pliers then cut it using knife
go back to the statue and using 1st metal, put it on the missing path on the wall (bellow books)

go to room with curtains, burn the curtain with the torch
put the metal to the missing path

go to the lions head room, and remove the stone that blocking the path with pliers

go to the door and use the oil to the path
use the torch to the path
you will see a fire and door is open !