100 Rooms Level 50 Walkthrough Solution

By | September 29, 2012

This room hint is year, so you need to make some roman number on the door ! we will help you on this 100 rooms level 50 walkthrough 🙂

here’s the solution guide :

look at the room to the right, there’s a saw machine with some missing part
zoom in the saw machine and take the woods first
zoom in the spaceship and click the left part to get a handle

go to room with 2 posters
take the sawblade between these poster
click on the spaceship on the table for another part

now back to the sawmachine, put all 3 items to the sawmachine
then put the woods to cut them into some pieces, get 6 wood

now zoom in the door and put the wood
click the X X to change the wood shape
make M C M L X
then the door will open

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