100 Rooms Level 8 – 9 Walkthrough

By | August 11, 2012

New room just updated today, and if you stuck with these new levels find the solution here : 100 rooms level 8 – 9 walkthrough ! if you have any question just ask here 🙂

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100 rooms level 8 walkthrough
find the room with metal frame + books + pensils
zoom in and get pencil and paper
go to other room with metal frame + chair
zoom in on the metal and use the paper and pencil to get number 592351

look under the chair for crowbar
look for room with window and use the crowbar to lift the right window
get the screwdriver

go back to the first room with metal frame
use the screwdriver to unscrew
now enter the safe with code 592351
you’ll get a key to open the door

100 rooms level 9 walkthrough
find room with 2 book shelf, there’s a fish picure on the middle with color
click the item on the right (box ?) so you can click the safe on the top of shelf
click green, red, red, blue, green, blue, red
this is the color order from the fish (left to right)
get the hook

find a bar behind the heating room
now combine the bar + hook
use it to the green box with key
open the door !

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