100 Rooms Solution Level 10 – 11 Walkthrough

By | August 11, 2012

The last 2 room for android game puzzle : 100 rooms solution level 10 – 11 ! find the walkthrough here if you need some answer how to pass each level 🙂

answers :

100 rooms level 10 walkthrough
look on the chair near the door, zoom in and get a knife tool
go to left room :
look under the table for the holder tool
combine both tools
click on the table drawer, zoom in and open with lockpicking that you just combined
get the flashlight

back to the door, now go to the right room
click on the right lamp, zoom in to take it to your inventory
combine the flashlight + lamp
look under the sofa, zoom in and use the flashlight
there’s a number : 491777
use this code to open the door

100 rooms level 11 walkthrough
from door, go to the right
click the safe, zoom in on the left take a coin
click on the trash can, click on the spray can

from door, go to the left
use the spray can on the candle
there’s a code on wall : 451279
go back to the safe and open it to get mold

go to room with window, zoom the cake
take a spoon
take a knife behind the cake, use it on the cake to get mold for key

combine 2 mold
go to room with candle, now combine spoon + coin
use it on candle, the coin will melt
combine the melt coin + mold
you’ll have a key now
open the door

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