100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 1 – 7 Solution

By | August 4, 2012

New room puzzle game for android : 100 rooms walkthrough ! look for items to open the door 🙂 stuck with some levels and want to know how to pass ? find it in 100 rooms walkthrough level 1 – 7 here !

next levels : 100 rooms level 8, 9 answers

here are the solution for each level :

100 rooms level 1 walkthrough
open second drawer to find door knob and door keyhole behind the vase, combine them together
double click door knob to see the big picture
click the keyhole then click the door knob picture
use it on the door

100 rooms level 1 walkthrough 2
look for 2 items for saw file and suddenly the door will open ??

100 rooms level 1 walkthrough 3
press this number on the door : 783461
answer how to find :
look for box of lamp + knife then open it together
click chair and put it on you’ll see the hint

100 rooms level 1 walkthrough 4
look for cable and use it to turn on the heater
click the red faucet and look on the mirror
get the axe and use it on the wood
enter 514796 to the safe get the key
open the door

100 rooms level 1 walkthrough 5
tap the duck
2 yellow
4 green
5 red
take the hammer and broke the mirror
from door go to left, right 3x, left 2x

100 rooms level 1 walkthrough 6
get the water from bucket and fill it in to get a key
take a book to see the code and wood to see the order
click the half round, triangle half round, plus, human
take a bear and put it on the frame
click the bear frame picture with the key
and use the key to open the door

100 rooms level 1 walkthrough 7
click the book to see
“my items : chair, clock, teddy bear, planks, mail box, book”
and i’m stuck with this room >.< there's a safe to open with numbers but i don't find any other hint.. anyone want to help ? 😛 update : Chair = IX in romans numbers = 9 Watch = it' s 8 o'clock = 8 Teddy bear = it's only one... So 1 Wood boards on the window = 4 Mail box = 7 Book it's the one u've got.. So 1 Code is 981471 now look for a wire near the window and combine it to mailbox and open the door !

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  • Mancho

    Chair is 9 (IX)
    Clock is 8
    Bear I can’t read 4? 9?
    Planks I don’t know
    Mailbox is 7
    Book I don’t know

  • fenderman

    WOW! I cant figure it out either! Let me know if you find anything. Im so mad

  • http://lightchan.com fenderman


  • FlaggDaddy


  • me

    how do u combine the wire n the mailbox omg

    • admin

      use the cutter to bend wire together – into hook
      then use it to take key from mailbox 🙂