100 Zombies Level 41 42 43 44 45 Walkthrough

By | April 23, 2013

These are some last floor of the last update, open all door easily with 100 zombies level 41 42 43 44 45 walkthrough ! and don’t be scared, because you won’t see any zombie on these door.. just some scary theme 😛

the tricky part is on level 42 where you need to look at the star differently and level 43 where you have some numbers on wall but you need to read it from the correct side 😀

help for 100 zombies cheats :

100 zombies level 41 walkthrough
use white dots on the top wall to press the square :
left bottom
left top
left top
bottom bottom
left top
bottom bottom
left top

100 zombies level 42 walkthrough
look on the stars, and separate the blue color
it will give you some numbers : 4912
enter these code to open door

100 zombies level 43 walkthrough
a white W on floor means west
so read the numbers from right to left : 32248
press these password on door


100 zombies level 44 walkthrough
how many taps it need on each square to press so it move to right side ?
the answer is 58410

100 zombies level 45 walkthrough
drag the rectangle on left to the middle you can see some holes
read the numbers from bottom to top
enter 597183

proceed to level 46 soon

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