2048 Strategy Cheats Tips and Tricks

By | April 4, 2014

Need 2048 strategy to finish this game ? then read 2048 tips and tricks below ! This is an old + waste of time game to join the numbers and get to the 2048 from 4×4 square tile ! because once you get addicted to this game, it will take a lot of your time to achieve the 2048 and repeat it again and again when you got game over 🙁
how to play 2048 : Use your arrow keys to move the numbers inside 4×4 tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one! so get the high score and keep your best score on the line to defeat your friends 😛

2048 cheats

the strategy to get 2014 is only use 3 arrow keys, example : never use up arrow key, until you have no moves left except that
and try to keep the high number blocks in the corner, example : bottom row, and try to arrange the scores on block in ascending order from top to bottom
Remember that the 3 arrow keys of your favorite could be different from mine, but it’s ok as long as the keys are adjacent; you are solving essentially the same problem.

By fixing, or filling in the 4th row with tiles, you can avoid a junk piece to come in to the tile 4-4 when you had to use the up key. Exception is when the tile-merging happens in the 4th column. In that case, avoid up and use down instead.

2048 tips and tricks

if you focus on building the 4th row, you’ll learn how best to build the 3rd.
up arrow is useful to recover from the situation where the 4th row is unsorted. In that case, don’t forget to “fix” the 3rd and 4th rows by filling them in.
to recover from the situation like tile 4-3 = 1024 and tile 4-4 = 2, use arrows including up and push 1024 into a different corner.
concentrate and think ahead to get the big numbers, one small mistake can ruin the game especially in the later stage of the game