3D Reflection Tutorial With Adobe Illustrator

By | May 11, 2009

I’m gonna teach you how to create 3D Reflection with Adobe Illustrator, the last result will be like this :

Create a word with Text Tool, like “Text” color: #FBB03B and stroke: #C1272D.

Select your text and go to Object > Transform > Reflect
Axis – Angle: 180 , and press Copy

Select the reflection and drag it down a little bit, so there’ll be a little space between text and reflection 🙂

Now you need to select both object and group them as 1 object because we want to use 3D effect.

Select both object, Object > Group

Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel, and use this setting:

Next we make the opacity low
Select the text object , open transparency window and fill the opacity to 75
Select the reflection object , and fill the opactiy to 50

Then make a rectangle with Rectangle Tool, make sure you cover all the object with this rectangle.
Select all, then in transparancy window click Make Opacity Mask

Apply Black to White Gradient for the rectangle, so you can see the reflection looks real not just some mirror 😛

Done !!
my finished 3D reflection :

If you have any problem with the step”, just ask ok 😀

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  • mihailo

    tnx man! thumsUP!

  • Ben

    After extrude and bevel you say select text -change opacity and select reflection -change opacity. But you have not said how to select each one. If they are grouped they can only select as one object. Then you say make rectangle but you dont explain how to make at an angle to fit the reflection???